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Maps are another type image that convey certain relationships well. Their accessibility requirements are similar to graphs and charts; one must describe the relationships the image was intended to convey. For economic relationships between countries, a long description in the form of a table with proper markup might be best. Other relationships may be described in text.

Accessible Map Example 1

Map of all Tongan islands

Long description of the Map of Tonga

Example 1 HTML Source

<img src="images/tonga_sm05.gif"

  alt="Map of all Tongan islands"


  title="Tonga" />

Accessible Map Example 2

Map of the United States showing the recipient of each state's electoral votes in the 2000 presidential election

Electoral Results Map of the United States 2000 Presidential Election
State Electorial Votes
Alaska Bush
Alabama Bush
Arizona Bush
Arkansas Bush
California Gore
Colorado Bush
Connecticut Gore
Delaware Gore
Florida To close to call
Georgia Bush
Hawaii Gore
Idaho Bush
Illinois Gore
Indiana Bush
Iowa To close to call
Kansas Bush
Kentucky Bush
Louisiana Bush
Maine Gore
Massachusetts Gore
Maryland Gore
Michigan Gore
Minnesota Gore
Mississippi Bush
Missouri Bush
Montana Bush
Nebraska Bush
Nevada Bush
New Hampshire Bush
New Jersey Gore
New Mexico To close to call
New York Gore
North Carolina Bush
North Dakota Bush
Ohio Bush
Oklahoma Bush
Oregon To close to call
Pennsylvania Gore
Rhode Island Gore
South Carolina Bush
South Dakota Bush
Tennessee Bush
Texas Bush
Utah Bush
Vermont Gore
Virgina Bush
Washington Gore
Wisconsin To close to call
West Virgina Bush
Wyoming Bush

Long description of the Electoral Votes Map

Example 2 HTML Source

<img src="images/image-longdesc-002.gif"

  alt="Map of the United States showing the recipient of each state's electoral votes in the 2000 presidential election"

  title="Electoral votes in the 2000 presidential election"