Index: Evaluation and Repair Tools

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Jon Gunderson
Division of Rehabilitation - Education Services
ADA: Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources
Phone: (217) 244-5870
WWW: IVC ADA Accessibility Workshop Homepage


  1. Goals
  2. Types of Tools
  3. Strengths of automated evaluation tools
  4. Weakness of automated evaluation tools
  5. Examples of problems
  6. Bobby (Web): Evaluation tool
  7. Bobby (Web): Features
  8. Bobby (Web): Customizing Bobby
  9. Bobby (Web): Example report
  10. Bobby (Application): Evaluation tool
  11. Bobby (Application): User Interface
  12. Bobby (Application): Features
  13. Bobby (Application): Configuration
  14. Bobby (Application): Configuration dialog box
  15. Bobby (Application): Image of sample report
  16. Bobby (Application): HTML individual page report
  17. Bobby (Application): HTML summary report on all pages checked
  18. A-Prompt: Evaluation and Repair Tool
  19. A-Prompt: Features
  20. A-Prompt: Image of User Interface
  21. A-Prompt: Configuration
  22. A-Prompt: Repair Report
  23. A-Prompt: Repair Report
  24. A-Prompt: Prompting for ALT text
  25. 508 Accessibility Suite for Dreamweaver
  26. Other Section 508 and W3C WCAG accessibility evaluation and repair tools

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