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508 Accessibility Problems

Summary: Not 508 compliant on this date

508 requirements Checklist
508 Requirement Yes No N/A Comments
1194.22 (a) Images   X   No alt text for 19 images
1194.22 (b) Multi-media (captions)     X  
1194.22 (c) Color   X   ? Highlighting navigation buttons
1194.22 (d) StyleSheets X      
1194.22 (e) Text links for image maps     X  
1194.22 (f) Server side image maps     X  
1194.22 (g) Data tables have header information     X  
1194.22 (h) Layout tables make sense linearize X      
1194.22 (i) Frames have titles     X  
1194.22 (j) Blink and flicker     X  
1194.22 (k) Text only     X Not needed in this case
1194.22 (l) Scripting X     ?
1194.22 (m) Applets and Plug-ins     X  
1194.22 (n) Forms     X No labels on the search form
1194.22 (o) skip links X      ? CBA shortcuts
1194.22 (p) timed responses     X