Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources with HTML and CSS

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Jon Gunderson
Division of Rehabilitation - Education Services
University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign
Phone: (217) 244-5870
WWW: Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources with HTML and CSS


  1. Goals of Workshop
  2. Needs of People with Disabilities
  3. Opera: Author view of document
  4. Opera: User high contrast view of document
  5. Opera: Preference in Opera 6
  6. Opera: High contrast stylesheet
  7. Opera: Images Off (Press G key)
  8. Opera: Images On (Press G key)
  9. Opera: Additional Keyboard Commands
  10. HTML 4.01 Specification
  11. HTML Definition Information
  12. HTML Validation
  13. HTML Structural Elements
  14. HTML Conditional Content
  15. HTML Accessibility Features
  16. XMetal HTML Editor
  17. Example: Original Document
  18. Example: Adding Headers
  19. Example: Adding Table of Contents
  20. Example: Document with Table Contents
  21. CSS: Overview
  22. CSS: Advantages
  23. CSS: Terms
  24. CSS: Referencing a Style Sheet
  25. CSS: External CSS Example
  26. CSS: Internal CSS Example
  27. CSS: In-line CSS Example
  28. Example: Separating Content from Style
  29. Example: Document using Style Sheets
  30. Example: Document Style Sheet
  31. Example: Adding Layout and Dynamic Content
  32. Example: Layout Style Sheet
  33. Example: Redesigning a current website

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