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SAMI Example

Example code:


  <Title>SAMI PROMO</Title>
    Copyright {(c)1998, Microsoft Corporation}
    Media {SAMI.jpg}
    Metrics {time:ms; duration: 73000;}
    Spec {MSFT:1.0;}

  <STYLE TYPE="text/css"> <!--

  P {
    margin-left: 8pt;
    margin-right: 8pt;
    margin-bottom: 2pt;
    text-align: left;
    font-size: 12pt;
    font-family: arial, sans-serif;
    font-weight: bold;
    color: #fee8c6; }

  .ENCC {Name:English; lang: en-US; SAMI_Type: CC;}
  .DECC {Name:German; lang: de-DE; SAMI_Type: CC;}

  #STDPrn {Name:Standard Print;}

  #BlackPrn {
    Name:Black Print;
    color: #000000;}

  #SmallPrn {
    Name:Small Print;
    margin-left: 4pt;
    margin-right: 42pt;
    font-size: 10pt;
    font-weight: bold;
    vertical-align: super;}

  #Source {
    margin-left: 4pt;
    font-weight: bold;
    color: teal;
    vertical-align: super;
    font-size: 10pt;



<Sync Start=0>
<P Class=ENCC> <br><h3 Style="text-align:center;"> - SAMI Captions - </h3>

<P Class=DECC> <br><h3 Style="text-align:center;"> - SAMI Captions - </h3>

<Sync Start=200>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source> 
<P Class=ENCC> <ShowImg=02:Slide 2: Debra (The narrator);>

<P Class=DECC ID=Source> 
<P Class=DECC> <ShowImg=02:Slide 2: Debra (The narrator);>

<Sync Start=1500>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source> 
<P Class=ENCC> <SpanID:1500;>

<P Class=DECC ID=Source> 
<P Class=DECC> <SpanID:1500;>

<Sync Start=2000>
<P Class=ENCC> <SpanID:2000;>

<P Class=DECC> <SpanID:2000;>

<Sync Start=3000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>(this is the Source ID Line)
<P Class=ENCC> <SpanID:3000;>

<P Class=DECC ID=Source>(this is the Source ID Line)
<P Class=DECC> <SpanID:3000;>

<Sync Start=4200>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra (this is the Source ID Line)
<P Class=ENCC>Hi, I'm Debra.<SpanID:4200; DisplayImg:0;>

<Sync Start=6000>
<P Class=ENCC>Well, actually you might have known that already<SpanID:6000; ShowImg=03:Slide 3: Library Scene with children studying;>

<Sync Start=8500>
<P Class=ENCC>by reading the Source ID line below.<SpanID:8500;>

<Sync Start=11000>
<P Class=ENCC>This Source ID line, as well as the closed captions below are part of SAMI.<SpanID:11000;>

<Sync Start=17000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra
<P Class=ENCC>This short video will hightlight some of the features and uses of SAMI.<SpanID:17000;>

<Sync Start=21500>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra
<P Class=ENCC>While closed captioning was developed for people who are deaf<SpanID:21500;>

<Sync Start=24500>
<P Class=ENCC>or hard of hearing,<SpanID:24500; DisplayImg:0;>

<Sync Start=26000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra
<P Class=ENCC>many people simply need to work in a quiet environment.<SpanID:26000; ShowImg=04:Slide 4: Laptop user in bed with sleeping wife;>

<Sync Start=30000>
<P Class=ENCC>Libraries, schools, and even your own home demand quiet times.<SpanID:30000; DisplayImg:0;>
<Sync Start=31000>
<P Class=ENCC>Libraries, schools, and even your own home demand quiet times.<ShowImg=05:Slide 5: Laptop user in bed with noisy kids;>

<Sync Start=35000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra (with noisy kids)
<P Class=ENCC>Then again some times closed captions are needed for<SpanID:35000; DisplayImg:0;>

<Sync Start=38000>
<P Class=ENCC>noisy environment or where there is poor audio.
<SpanID:38000; ShowImg=06:Slide 6: Student reading captions from computer screen;>

<Sync Start=42000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra (child reading captions)
<P Class=ENCC>Many studies have also shown
<SpanID:42000; DisplayImg:0;>

<Sync Start=44000>
<P Class=ENCC>that closed captioning is a powerful learning tool.
<SpanID:44000; ShowImg=07:Slide 7: Image of Media Player on destop with Bill Gates speaking;>

<Sync Start=47500>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source> 
<P Class=ENCC> <SpanID:47500;>

<Sync Start=48750>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra
<P Class=ENCC>SAMI's approach to closed captioning differs from traditional approaches.
<SpanID:48750; DisplayImg:0;>

<Sync Start=53000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra (Background: Bill Gates)
<P Class=ENCC>With SAMI, the media and the captions can remain separate.
<SpanID:53000; ShowImg=02:Slide 8: Debra (Narrator);>

<Sync Start=57000>
<P Class=ENCC>This allows for easy editing of the captions.<SpanID:57000;>

<Sync Start=61000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>Debra
<P Class=ENCC>SAMI's innovative approach will make it easier for Web authors
<SpanID:61000; DisplayImg:0;>

<Sync Start=65000>
<P Class=ENCC>and creators of multimedia applications to provide captions.
<SpanID:65000; ShowImg=09:Slide 9: End of SAMI Demo banner;>

<Sync Start=69000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source>End of SAMI Demo
<P Class=ENCC> 
<SpanID:69000; DisplayImg:0;>

<Sync Start=73000>
<P Class=ENCC ID=Source> 
<P Class=ENCC>