Accessibility of Web Publishing Features of Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF to People with Disabiltiies

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Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources workshop will provide experiences in:

This workshop will discuss the accessibility features and issues of the web publishing features of Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office. Adobe PDF is used by many people to create web resources that exactly recreate print materials. Adobe has added accessibility enhancements to make PDF documents more accessible to people with disabilities. The workshop will provide information on the accessibility features, authoring issues and limitations of the PDF format for creating accessible materials. Microsoft Office is commonly used to create web materials by people who are not as familiar with HTML and other web publishing technologies. The save to web feature makes it easy to create a web version of office documents, but these documents are not very accessible to people with disabilities. The workshop will discuss strategies for creating accessible web materials using the "Web Accessibility Wizard for Microsoft Office".


Location: Northern Illinois University, Wirtz Hall

Date: Septeber 12th, 2003

Time: 8:00am - 12:00am

Room: 307 Computer Lab


Part 1: Alternative Views of the Web

Part 2: Web Accessibility Guidelines

15 minute Break

Part 3: Microsoft Office

Part 4: Adobe PDF


Jon Gunderson is currently the Coordinator of information technology accessibility for people with disabilities at UIUC in the Division of Rehabilitation Education Services. He has been working in the area of web accessibility for over 6 years and is chair of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative User Agent Accessibility Guidelines working group. He has given numerous presentations and has taught several courses on designing universally accessible web resources.

Find out more about web accessibility at the iCITA website

Local Contacts

Murali Krishnamurthi
Director Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115