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Jon Gunderson and Matt May
University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign and W3C
WWW 2004: Tutorial on Designing Universally Accessible Technologies to Render Web Resources
WWW: Tutorial Home Page


  1. Designing Universally Accessible User Agents
  2. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  3. User Agent Accessibility Guidelines
  4. Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
  5. Needs of People with Disabilities
  6. Question: Why was the web developed?
  7. Answer: Why was the web developed?
  8. Question: What are some myths of the web?
  9. Answer: What are some myths of the web
  10. Adjusting Browsers
  11. Typical Graphical Web View of IOC Schdeule
  12. High Contrast ViewView of IOC Schdeule
  13. Images turned off view of IOC Schdeule
  14. User versus Author Styling of Content
  15. List of links of view of IOC Schedule
  16. Internet Explorer: Internet Options Dialog Box in Internet Explorer
  17. Internet Explorer: Accessibility Options Dialog Box in Internet Explorer
  18. Internet Explorer: Color Dialog Box in Internet Explorer
  19. Internet Explorer: Font Dialog Box in Internet Explorer
  20. Internet Explorer: ALT Text Rendering Option in Internet Explorer
  21. Internet Explorer: Pictures Off Option in Internet Explorer
  22. Internet Explorer: Images Turned On
  23. Internet Explorer: Images Turned Off
  24. Internet Explorer: Shortcut keys
  25. Internet Explorer: Additional keyboard commands
  26. Opera: Author view of document
  27. Opera: User high contrast view of document
  28. Opera: Preference in Opera 7
  29. Opera: High contrast stylesheet
  30. Opera: Images Off (Press G key)
  31. Opera: Images on (Press G key)
  32. Opera: Frequently Used Keyboard Commands
  33. Opera: Additional Keyboard Commands
  34. IBM Home Page Reader Overview
  35. HPR Views
  36. HPR Views Screenshot
  37. HPR Within Document Navigation
  38. HPR Bewteen Document Navigation and Orientation
  39. HPR Screen Shot of Navigation Modes
  40. HPR Navigation Modes
  41. HPR Link Navigation
  42. Image of HPR Links List Dialog Box
  43. HPR Header Navigation
  44. HPR Form Control Navigation
  45. HPR Table Navigation

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