User Centered Web Design

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Jon Gunderson
Division of Rehabilitation - Education Services
Phone: (217) 244-5870
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  1. Overview
  2. Question: Why was the web developed?
  3. Answer: Why was the web developed?
  4. Question: What are some myths of the web?
  5. Some myths of the web
  6. Web Designer Mental Models of the Web
  7. Principles of user centered design
  8. Technologies for user centered designs
  9. Functional testing for user centered designs
  10. Validating HTML
  11. Link text indcates target of link testing
  12. Text descriptions for images
  13. Apply high contrast stylesheet
  14. Linearize document
  15. Navigate to main topics
  16. Labels for form controls
  17. Titles for frames
  18. Navigation bars
  19. Design Template Examples
  20. Design Template Examples: Changes
  21. UIUC Survey Forms
  22. National Center for Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD)
  23. NCPAD: Issues
  24. NCPAD: Solutions
  25. Web Publishing Wizard for Microsoft Office
  26. CSS Resources
  27. Accessibility Resources

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