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Jon Gunderson
Division of Rehabilitation - Education Services
REHBAB711NC: Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources
Phone: (217) 244-5870
WWW: REHAB711NC Home Page


  1. Designing Universally Accessible Web Resources
  2. Needs of People with Disabilities
  3. Adjusting Graphical Rendering
  4. Navigating Structure
  5. Typical Graphical Web View of a Web Resource
  6. High Contrast ViewView
  7. Images Turned Off View
  8. User versus Author Styling of Content
  9. List of Links of View
  10. Internet Explorer: Internet Options Dialog Box in Internet Explorer
  11. Internet Explorer: Accessibility Options Dialog Box in Internet Explorer
  12. Internet Explorer: Color Dialog Box in Internet Explorer
  13. Internet Explorer: Font Dialog Box in Internet Explorer
  14. Internet Explorer: ALT Text Rendering Option in Internet Explorer
  15. Internet Explorer: Pictures Off Option in Internet Explorer
  16. Internet Explorer: Images Turned On
  17. Internet Explorer: Images Turned Off
  18. Internet Explorer: Shortcut keys
  19. Internet Explorer: Additional keyboard commands
  20. Opera: Author view of document
  21. Opera: User high contrast view of document
  22. Opera: Preference in Opera 7
  23. Opera: High contrast stylesheet
  24. Opera: Images Off (Press G key)
  25. Opera: Images on (Press G key)
  26. Opera: User Styling Option to Linearize Tables
  27. Opera: Tables Disabled
  28. Opera: Frequently Used Keyboard Commands
  29. Opera: Additional Keyboard Commands
  30. Web Accessibility Tool Bar: Home Page
  31. Web Accessibility Tool Bar: Images Toggle
  32. Web Accessibility Tool Bar: Grayscale
  33. Web Accessibility Tool Bar: Simulations
  34. Web Accessibility Tool Bar: Structure
  35. Web Accessibility Tool Bar: Validation
  36. Mozilla Accessibility Extension: Features
  37. Mozilla Accessibility Extension: Lists
  38. Mozilla Accessibility Extension: List of Links
  39. Mozilla Accessibility Extension: Images
  40. Mozilla Accessibility Extension: Styles
  41. Accessibility Resources
  42. CSS Resources

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