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IBM ViaScribe™ Technology for Creating Text Transcripts of Lectures

Guido Corona and Phil Jenkins of IBM will becoming to UIUC on Thursday, February 16th to present on a technology IBM has been developing for several years to create text transcriptions of the audio of lectures and synchronize the transcription with the visual lecture materials. This is an interesting technology to provide searchable archives of lectures and for on-line multi-modal learning environments.

IBM ViaVoice White Paper
(Word Document)

Overview of ViaScribe™

IBM ViaScribe™ is a speech recognition-based tool for real-time transcription, display, editing, annotation and presentation. The power and flexibility of its multimodal features make its output applicable and appealing to broad audiences, including seniors, deaf, hard of hearing, blind, some reading disabled, audiences whose English is a Second Language ESL), and any researcher who has a need of synchronized searching into the material. The multimodal design also makes the post-hoc editing and annotation processes highly cost effective. IBM ViaScribe™ uses speech-to-text technology to provide real-time captioning of classroom lectures and real-time transcription, alignment and preparation of e-learning materials. ViaScribe™ provides the benefit of multi modal access---the opportunity to see and hear the audio/video lecture track, read and search the textual transcription unmodified or magnified, hear the text transcription through a user supplied screen reader for the blind, or view the whole presentation even more highly magnified through a user supplied screen magnifier. With ViaScribe™, spoken information ---such as lectures and webcasts---can be captioned onto a screen in real time.