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Publishing PowerPoint Presentations to the Web


PowerPoint is a popular tool for creating presentations. Many authors want to make their presentations available on the web. Participants will learn best practices to make it easier for authors to managing the styling and layout of their presentations and improve the quality of the published HTML.

Participants will learn about the web and accessibility, techniques to prepare a more efficient PPT presentation (best practices) and how to publish to HTML by using the Illinois Accessible Web Publishing Wizard for Microsoft Office. The workshop is hands-on, creating a word document with best practice features and then converting it to HTML.


View the PowerPoint presentation from this workshop in HTML format. Additional PPT to Web examples can be viewed at

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Introductions, Background of the Web

Best Practices for PowerPoint


Converting to HTML

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Christy BlewChristy Blew is currently an IT Accessibility Specialist for the Illinois Center for IT Accessibility (iCITA) at UIUC in the Division of Rehabilitation Education Services. She has over 16 years of experience in developing and using internet technologies to deliver information to people and has been working with IT accessibility education for over 5 years. Prior to coming to UIUC in August 2005, Christy was an advocate at Eastern Illinois University for accessible web design as a part of her job in the Office of Civil Rights. Christy's main project is working with the Illinois Accessible Web Publishing Wizard. Christy can also be found at accessibility and usability conferences exhibiting the iCITA resources that have been developed. Christy currently holds a Masters in Technology and a Certification in Computer Science from Eastern Illinois University.

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