Adobe PDF

Jon Gunderson
Division of Rehabilitation - Education Services
University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign
Phone: (217) 244-5870
WWW: Illinois Center for Instructional Technology Accessibility


  1. Overview of Adobe PDF Accessibility Workshop
  2. Part 1: Accessibility Features of PDF
  3. Features: Needs of People with Disabilities
  4. Features: Keyboard Shortcuts in Adobe Help
  5. Features: Keyboard Support
  6. Features: Font and Color Accessibility Features
  7. Features: Viewing PDF Tagging
  8. Features: Categories of Tagged PDF
  9. Features: Menu Options for Accessibility Checking
  10. Features: Accessibility Checking Options
  11. Features: Accessibility Checking Results
  12. Features: Adding Tags to Untagged Documents
  13. Features: Report on Added Tags
  14. Features: Acrobat Speech Reading
  15. Part 2: Accessible PDF from Microsoft Word
  16. Word: Adobe PDF Settings Panel
  17. Word: Adobe PDF Bookmarks Panel
  18. Word: Adobe PDF Word Panel
  19. Word: Adobe PDF Security Panel
  20. Word: Converting a Document to PDF
  21. Word: Example Document
  22. Word: Adding Headings
  23. Word: Adding Text Description for Icon
  24. Word: Adding Text Description for Chart
  25. Word: Tables
  26. Word: Columns
  27. Word: Lists
  28. Word: Converting a Document to PDF
  29. Part 3: Accessible PDF Forms
  30. Forms: Accessible Tax Forms
  31. Forms: 1040EZ Tax Form
  32. Forms: Sample Document
  33. Forms: Part 1 Select Start with PDF Document
  34. Forms: Part 2 Use Current PDF Document
  35. Forms: Part 3 Place Fields by Hand
  36. Forms: Adding Form Control
  37. Forms: Adding Form Control Labels
  38. Forms: Changing Tabbing Order
  39. Part 4: Scanned Documents
  40. Scanned: Sample Documents
  41. Scanned: Tag editing
  42. Recap: Adobe PDF versus HTML Accessibility Features
  43. Recap: Additional Adobe Features