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Universal Access
Automatic Speech Recognition Project

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Principal Investigator


This project will research word-based, phone-based, and phonologic-feature-based audio and audiovisual speech recognition models for both small-vocabulary and large-vocabulary speech recognizers. The long term goal of the project is to provide the knowledge necessary to build assistive technologies to provide dysarthric speakers with a text entry system to computer systems and other electronic information technologies.

Dysarthric Speech

If you are an adult with dysarthric speech due to cerebral palsy or other impairment, please send us your contact information so we can contact you about participation in the study. Participants will be compensated for their time participating in the study and milage for traveling to the study site.

Minimum requirements for participation include:


We are primary looking for people in any part of Illinois, western Indiana and southern Wisconsin. You may need to travel to Champaign (IL), Chicago (IL), Madision (WI) or another location for participation in the study. If you participate, you will be compensated for travel expenses of greater than 10 miles.