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10 December 2003:

I've been clued in to a utility to indicate which StickyKeys are "latched" and "locked" in the form of a dockable application. It is designed to be run in a "dock" or "slit", but can run in a normal window as well. You can get details at at stickytime.

5 August 2003:

Web server maintenance today; this website may be unavailable for brief periods today as we transition servers and DNS changes propagate. Sorry for any inconvenience!

30 April 2003:

There is a new note under the XFree86 section regarding using Mouse Buttons 4 and 5 under AccessX MouseKeys for those who are interested.

12 March 2003:

I will be at the CSUN Accessibility Conference next week, from Tuesday, March 18, to Saturday, March 22. If you are interested in meeting up at the Conference, please drop me an email before Tuesday.

15 January 2003:

I sent out an RFC (Request For Comments) to people on the mailing list today to gather feedback on how the new Status Monitoring Panel should be implemented, a choice between a console/text app or a super-minimal, lowest-common-denominator (ie, no QT, GTK, etc) X app. If you have input and are not on the mailing list, please drop me a line!

21 October 2002:

Version 0.951 released, fixes a warning. Return type of main() was void, now it is int. Thanks to Simon Capstick for the fix. Also, work is still progressing (albeit slowly) on the monitoring utility to see the current StickyKeys and MouseKeys Active Button. Details here as they become available.

19 September 2002:

Web site revisions. Also, work has started (in my limited free time) on a utility to be packaged in the next version of this software to display some of the system status, for example which modifiers are latched or locked for StickyKeys, and which mouse button is currently selected for MouseKeys. Look for this in the next few weeks.

15 August 2001:

Well, it looks like my software has been made obsolete - I just found out that X11R6.6 (released June 2001) has the AccessX control panel developed by Sun and DEC/Compaq. After so long, it seems that there is now indeed a standard control panel and file format to configure the accessibility features hidden away in X. Of course, this web page will stick around for people who don't have X11R6.6 for their system.

10 July 2001:

Did some minor page revisions, like adding a snapshot of the Tcl/Tk GUI to the Freeware AccessX page.

10 July 2001:

Phil Curry has sent in some pointers on Linux keyboard accessibility for when you're not using the X Window System. Take a look at a list of Linux HOWTOs. Specifically, the Access-HOWTO and the Keyboard and Console HOWTO, especially Section 15.1.

14 March 2001:

Freeware AccessX version 0.950 released, fixing some general problems as well as the problem of overwriting parameters not used by X, such as ToggleKeys parameters, which are specific to other versions of AccessX, like Sun's.

14 February 2001:

Freeware AccessX version 0.902 released.

13 February 2001:

XFree86 4.0.2 addresses the problems for which I offered xkbfix as a solution. Therefore, patching of XFree86 is unnecessary in version 4.0.2 and later.

20 January 2001:

We have friends! See www.math.missouri.edu/~stephen/software/#accessx for the site that inspired my work. He has done work in the same vein, regarding patching XFree86 for the "MouseKeys Bug", as well as writing a utility to set the various XKB features.

20 December 2000:

AccessX 0.901 released.

04 December 2000:

I am now running an AccessX mailing list to alert those who are interested to recent developments in my software and patches to XFree86. If you are interested, please email accessx@rehab.uiuc.edu.

04 December 2000:

A bug has been located in my fix to XFree86. In order for the MouseKeys (possibly others) feature to work properly, one of the following three choices must be selected:

  1. RepeatKeys
  2. AccessX Keys (the shortcuts for StickyKeys, etc.)
  3. AX_KRG (A Key Groupings feature, I believe.)

November 2000:

AccessX 0.9 now available.

November 2000:

New & Improved Instructions for patching XF86 available. See Below.

For More Information:

Email questions or comments to: accessx@rehab.uiuc.edu