Accessibility Extensions for Internet Explorer ®


IE Accessible adds features to Internet Explorer to make it easier for people to view and navigate web content based on the structural markup used to create the web page. IEAccessible can be used directly by everyone (including people with disabilities) to navigate the structure of a HTML web resource. It can be used by authors to check their structural markup to make sure it matches the actual content structure of the resource. IE Accessible supports users to use structural markup to view the main topics of a web resource (H1-H6), find collections of related links (MAP), find and use keyboard shortcuts (accesskeys) and navigate links.


  1. List of links (ALT-F12)
  2. List of Headers (ALT-F11, highlights headers in IE and moves keyboard focus to nearest link)
  3. List of MAP elements (ALT-F10, lists collections of links from AREA or A elements contained in MAP element)
  4. List of accesskeys (ALT-F9)
  5. Properties (ALT-F8)
  6. User Styling, Advanced user styling options (Choose from a list of user/author stylesheets) (ALT-F7)
  7. List of Events, list of elements with events and the type of event handler (with activation)(ALT-F6)
  8. List of Frames, based on Title (ALT-F5)
  9. List of Form Controls, based on Label (ALT-F3)

Future Features

  1. Disable/Enable Accesskeys
  2. Expand abbreviations/acronyms and other conditional content
  3. Toggle images on/off


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