Accessibility Extensions for Mozilla/Firefox

Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) and Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign

Keyboard Enhancements

The Mozilla/Firefox Accessibility Toolbar extension has built in Keyboard Enhancements that allows the user to quickly navigate the information in the browser window using shortcut keys.

Enabling/Disabling Keyboard Enhancements

The Keyboard Enhancements are by default disabled in the Accessibility Toolbar. To enable this feature, select ENABLE KEYBOARD ENHANCEMENTS from the Options dropdown menu on the Accessibility Toolbar. If a checkmark is visible next to this item, then the Enhancements are active. If there is no checkmark, the Enhancements are disabled.

Enable and disable Keyboard Enhancements from the Options menu

Navigating Structural Content

Interpret Next Key as Accessibility Extension Command
F8: When in text form controls the navigation keys will be used for text entry into the form. To have the key enturpreted as a Accessibility Extension command, press the F8 key first and then the extension shortcut command.
Q: Previous link
A: Next link
Shift+Z: List of links dialog box
W: Previous header
S: Next header
Shift+X: List of headers dialog box
Navigation Bars
E: Previous navigation bar
D: Next navigation bar
Shift+C: List of navigation bars dialog box
Form Controls
Shift+TAB: Previous form control
TAB: Next form control
Shift+V: List of form controls dialog box
Shift+B: List of accesskeys dialog box
Shift+Control+F: List of frames dialog box

Restyling Content

Toggle High Contrast Mode
Shift+H: Toggle high contrast mode


Toggle on ALT Text Rendering for Images
Shift+G: Toggle between rendering images and ALT for the image

Navigation Menu

The accessibility extension functions can also be accessed through a pull down menu. The pull down memu options can be accessed through Operating Specific keyboard short cuts for menus. The accessibility menus can also be removed and restored through the "Options" menu item.

Shortcut keys for Information Windows are listed on the navigation dropdown menu

Reassigning Shortcut keys

The shortcut keys for the keyboard enhancements can be reassigned through the about:conf configuration feature of Mozilla/Firefox.

Screen shot of config:about rendering of keyboad shortcut assignments