Accessibility Extensions for Mozilla/Firefox

Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) and Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign

Options Menu

The OPTIONS button on the Accessibility Toolbar allows the user to disable and enable different features with the Accessibility Toolbar. This menu also contains links for information about the Accessibility Toolbar and a link for reporting a bug with the Accessibility Toolbar Extension.

Options menu items, listed below

Access the Events Menu:


Keybindings are keysets that are developed as shortcut keys. The Accessibility Toolbar uses shortcut keys such as SHIFT + Q and SHIFT + A to move between links on a page. These key combinations are part of the keybindings for the application. Keybindings can be exported and imported.

Menu Items:

The Accessibility Toolbar adds two drop down menu items to the main Mozilla toolbar - Accessibility and Navigation. The visibility of these two menu items can be enabled and disabled by selecting SHOW MENUS. When a checkmark is visible next to the Show Menus item, the Accessibility and Navigation menu items are visible. When there is no checkmark next to Show Menus, then the Accessibility and Navigation menu items will not be visible.

Keyboard Enhancements:

The Mozilla/Firefox Accessibility Toolbar extension has built in Keyboard Enhancements that allows the user to quickly navigate the information in the browser window. These include moving between links and moving between headers on a page by using defined combinations of keys. By default, the Keyboard Enhancements are active in the Accessibility Toolbar, but can be disabled. To disable this feature, select ENABLE KEYBOARD ENHANCEMENTS from the Options dropdown menu on the Accessibility Toolbar. If a checkmark is visible next to this item, then the Enhancements are active. If there is no checkmark, the Enhancements are disabled.

Expanding Abbreviations:

The EXPAND ABBR TAG is representative of the ABBR tag that is used to indicate an abbreviated form, like "WWW." or "USA". Enabling this functions will show the full spelling of the abbreviated word. If a checkmark is visible next to this item, then the abbreviations are expanded. If there is no checkmark, the abbreviations are in their short form.

Expand and decrease abbreviations from the Options menu

External Links:

The iCITA homepage and the main page for the Accessibility Extension. can be accessed by the links in the Option menu. When selecting REPORT A BUG, the user is taken to an external page where they can leave feedback in regards to problems with the Accessibility Toolbar. The final link on the Options button opens a window that lists general information about the Accessibility Toolbar including the version of the toolbar.

Screenshot of the About the Extention info window