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DHTML Widget Test Pages

Note that these tests require XHTML 1.0 support and will not work in IE 6.0. Also, note that your browser must have Javascript enabled for these tests.

Create a custom test page by selecting from the available tests, below. Or, use the menu to select pre-grouped functionality to test. If one does not want to use inline frame test pages, one may also navigate to the individual test pages by following the links in the lists below.

Custom Test Page

Use the form below to create one page with selected tests in different IFRAMES. This is useful for testing, comparison, and communicating groups of buggy functionality by copying the page's generated URL

Checkbox Tests

Tri-State Checkbox Tests

Radio Button Tests

Button Tests


Reference Code

The javascript code for all widgets is available as a stand-alone text file. The CSS code for all widgets is available as a stand-alone text file. For code re-use, it may be easier to start with these files and delete functions that are not referenced by the subset of widgets used.