Visual Impairment Simulator for Microsoft Windows®

Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) and Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign


What Is VIS?

VIS is an educational tool that can be used to inform computer users about what it is like to use a computer with a disability. When the program runs, it manipulates the images on the user\'s screen so that it seems like the user has a visual impairment such as colorblindness or macular degeneration among others. The user will be able to pick which visual impairment to use and the severity of the impairment.

VIS can be used for many purposes. Among the intended purposes are:

We will post screen shots of VIS in action as soon as possible.

Bug Reporting

First, check to make sure that you have the most recent version of VIS. If you have found a bug with the most recent version, please visit our Known Issues page. If you cannot find the bug on the known issues page, please report it to the forum.

Can't Stop the Program

If the impairment begins acting strangely or impairs your vision too much to be able to properly quit the program, first try to press the "Esc" key, and the impairment should end. If that did not work, next moving your mouse to the top right corner of the screen. A "Close" button should appear and you will be able to stop the impairment. If this does not occur, hit alt-tab until you have selected the impairment simulator, then press alt-f4 to close the impairment. If this method does not work, you will probably have to power-off your computer. If this is the case, please report what happened immediately to the forum.